How’s Classes Alex?

I’m going to keep this blog honest. I want to tell you about the good and the bad times I have while I’m here. As such, this post is going to be a mix of both.

Classes: The First Week

My first week of classes was not a good time. In fact, I would say it was a very very bad time.

Students in China are not catered to in the same way as students are in America. This means if you have problems, it is a lot less the University’s responsibility to help you. It’s your responsibility to help yourself. Although I was able to switch into a more advanced Chinese class (I am now in upper level intermediate), the process was ridiculously difficult. Getting required materials such as my housing permit, health insurance, bank card, and doctor’s forms was extremely confusing and time consuming. Registering for electives was a nightmare, and the fact that most of these things took place at the same time as my Chinese classes (which started a week earlier than other courses) made things even harder. I didn’t expect this to be easy, but man. I guess the point is I got through it and you can too, but be sure to be assertive and have a sense of urgency about things if you come here.

Pizza Hut has Wine

So in this video I go to a Pizza Hut. I haven’t actually been eating much western food here; I just thought the fanciness of the place was really crazy compared to what we have in America and deserved to be recorded. We didn’t actually end up eating there because it was so expensive but I got some video of one of their menus.

Weiming Lake

I joined a language partner program and met a couple Chinese girls and a Japanese guy who all took me to the lake. It’s a really beautiful spot on campus that has a lot of history to it. “Weiming” means “no name” in Chinese. The lake is called this because the professors couldn’t stop fighting over what to name it; this was the final agreement. My friend Xiying was a great tour guide! She explained the majority of the statues’ history to me and threw in a lot of fun facts about the lake while we were there. Video of the lake is at the end of the Youtube video above.










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